Why book Eliot for your next workshop?


Eliot is able to provide real business solutions that can help protect your business, maximize your profits, and solidify your professional relationships.

With Eliot’s enticing combination of storytelling, analogies, and humor, he is able to turn any standard business conference into a lively discussion.



Eliot’s mission at every event is to provide maximum value to each and every attendee. He is absolutely committed to answering questions and engaging with the audience during his talk and beyond.

Who Leaves Ecstatic?

Business Owners

It is the ambition of every business owner to build a team of top-flight, engaged employees perfectly aligned with his or her vision. Eliot has built a career helping organizations of every size and industry do just that.

Eliot is an entrepreneur who just happens to be one of the nation’s elite business lawyers. His native language is one of innovation, alignment, and agreement. These are Eliot’s people.