Workshop Topics Include:

A hands-on contracts session enabling attendees to understand and negotiate essential protections, avoid risks, and transform contracts from a black hole where business relationships go to die into a dynamic business development tool.

Working with industry-specific contracts, this workshop enables attendees to work provision-by-provision to protect their organizations from hidden traps, maximize opportunities and negotiate seemingly non-negotiable deal-breakers.

Based upon his book of the same title, Eliot shows business owners and managers how to set the stage for maximum profitability, reduce A/R challenges, and even how to effectuate collections without having to pay a lawyer.

A detailed walk for supervisors and HR professionals through the most important (and most often bungled) aspects of hiring smart, firing well, and optimizing everything in between.

This engaging workshop brings negotiating strategies to life using the rules of improv comedy powered by Eliot’s 30+ years as one of the nation’s elite business attorneys.

While they may be experts in their fields, lawyers, accountants, and professional service people are often horrible at marketing. Eliot speaks their language and has worked with hundreds of professionals to ramp up their business development skills in a way that sales consultants just don’t get…because they haven’t been there.

Eliot’s workshops are crafted with an Attend-Today-Use-Tomorrow approach. Every attendee not only leaves energized, but also with the real world tools and training to get things done.