Why book Eliot for your next event?


Eliot is able to provide real business solutions that can help protect your business, maximize your profits, and solidify your professional relationships.

With Eliot’s enticing combination of storytelling, analogies, and charisma, he is able to turn any standard business conference into a lively discussion.



At every event, it’s Eliot’s mission to provide the maximum amount of information to attendees. He strives to answer any questions, provide advice, and engage with the audience beyond his talk.

Who Leaves Inspired?

Business Owners

Business owners are all trying to accomplish the same end goal: how do I maximize profits, while minimizing risk and creating an unstoppable team. Luckily, Eliot can provide the answer to all three. 

With Eliot’s entrepreneurial experiences, he relates to this audience on a multitude of levels. He understands their drive, their ticks, and their struggles.


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