Most businesses view empathy and compassion as luxury or as some touchy-feely corporate culture initiative. They’re wrong. In this talk, Eliot demonstrates, using actual examples and data, how empathy and compassion, properly directed, can help business owners negotiate better agreements, strengthen business development, and solidify employees loyalty to your company.

Negotiation should never be viewed as an awkward dance toward middle ground. No business ever succeeded by pursuing “OK.”  In this keynote, Eliot taps into his 30+ years as one of the country’s elite business lawyers to reveal negotiating strategies that break impasses, strengthen relationships, and guarantee successful projects.

It’s not marriage counseling, but it might as well be. Every business lives or dies on the strength of its relationships with employees, customers, and partners.  In this talk, Eliot teaches what the best business leaders and entrepreneurs do to surpass their peers by turning every relationship into a source of renewal and strength.

Lawyers and accountants aren’t just bad at marketing; they suck it.  They hate it, they tend to do it in spasms of forced productivity only when compelled either by higher-ups or by the balance sheet, and their efforts are remarkably ineffective. What’s more, they tend to ignore the only materials that clients will read word-for-word. (Hint: It’s not their marketing brochures.) In this talk, Eliot details the principles and practices that enabled him to build a multi-million dollar practice from scratch and sculpt his practice to the point of doing only the work he loves.