Professional life

Eliot Wagonheim is a lawyerwriter, educator, speaker and strategist. 

He has built a successful law practice by exceptional client service, a track record of success in persuading judges and juries, negotiating acquisitions, crafting contracts, writing HR policies and publishing within the legal field. His work has earned him numerous industry accolades and a reputation as a pre-eminent business attorney.

Serving as a highly acclaimed business lawyer, Eliot not only represented entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives, but also came to the realization that his outlook and approach propelled him beyond the traditional lawyer’s role. 

Eliot Wagonheim brings humor, real world experience and an entrepreneurial spirit to every presentation, speaking engagement and corporate workshop. He is current, informative, and engaging individually or as part of a panel.


     Eliot has honed his skills as a professional speaker for close to three decades. He knows his way around a courtroom, a classroom and a stage. More importantly, he understands what you expect from a guest, how to hit his marks, and how to make the event coordinator look good. 

Below are just some of the organizations Eliot has addresssed: