An Insightful, Entrepreneurial Lawyer

(The biggest oxymoron since "jumbo shrimp")




Types of Engagements


40-60 minutes. Broad themes. Inspirational. Immediately useful. Exceptional Takeaways. Leave ready and inspired.

Breakout Sessions

1-2 hours. Deeper dives, combining overarching themes with hear-today-use-tomorrow strategies. Bring your questions, leave with answers.


2-4 hours. Everything but the kitchen sink. Combining in-depth knowledge of strategy with immediately applicable tips, tactics, and takeaways.

Here's What People Are Saying...

"Great, practical, actionable and understandable advice. This is information that you will be all the better with having, no matter what your line of work."
Mike Sevik
Paralegal at Elko Bionics
"The sections were well-organized and contained a lot of useful information that answered many questions I had going in... [Eliot] was clear and explained the topics in a professional and down-to-earth way."
Peter A. Lees
Client Relationship Director

Eliot provides quality content in brief, memorable fashion on a wide range of law and business topics including innovation, entrepreneurship, contracts, partnership, sales, marketing, intellectual property, management, motivation, and what it takes to succeed. He is current, informative, and engaging individually and as part of a panel.